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Sand Tiger Shark

  • Coex Aquarium, Ocean Kingdom

Admire the magnificent Sand Tiger Shark

Information session and meal time: Every day at 1:30 PM (approximately 8 minutes)

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Subtropical and temperate waters excluding the Eastern Pacific, 1m to 191m depth


Approximately 320cm


>60% of their diet consists of bony fish, other sharks, stingrays, squid, crustaceans, etc.


East Coast waters of Japan, Australia, South Africa, North America and South America

Sandtiger Shark at COEX Aquarium

Sand Tiger Shark

Scientific name: Carcharias taurus

Common name: Sand tiger shark

  • Generally, sharks' heads are round, however the sand tiger's head is sharp and conical. 
  • Their back is greyish-brown in colour and their belly is white!
  • While swimming, they usually open their mouth showing three rows of teeth. This may look scary to some, however they are gentle in nature and do not pose a threat to humans.

Sand Tiger Shark at COEX Aquarium

Did you know?

  • Unlike many other fishes, sharks do not have swim bladders. Instead, they have a large amount of oil contained in their livers, which allows it to maintain buoyancy.
  • Sand tiger sharks are the only shark species that create neutral buoyancy by gulping in air and retaining it in their stomachs, allowing them to remain motionless. This helps them to make surprise attacks on their prey!

Meet the sharks

How many sand tiger sharks live in the Ocean Kingdom? Let's find out together at Coex Aquarium!

Sand Tiger Shark at COEX Aquarium