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The Story of Sharks, Rays, and Creatures Big and Small

Ocean Kingdom

Sandtiger shark at Coex aquarium

South Korea's largest shark habitat

The main tank and pride of COEX Aquarium is the "Ocean Kingdom"!

In South Korea's largest shark habitat, what kinds of sharks are living there?


Sandbar shark at Coex aquarium

Discover around 40 shark species

Discover around 40 different species of sharks, including Sandbar Sharks, Sand Tiger Sharks, and Zebra Sharks, along with other marine life such as stingrays, living happily together in the Ocean Kingdom at COEX Aquarium.

Sandtiger shark at Coex aquarium

Learn about these magnificent creatures

Aren't you curious about how sharks look when they eat during meal times?

How about the difference between rays and sharks? How do you tell them apart by gender?

Discover fascinating and fun secrets at the Shark Feeding session.

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Ocean Kingdom

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