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  • Coex Aquarium, Marine Mammal Village

Meet the beautiful Manatee

Visit Coex Aquarium to admire the mermaid-like appearance of the West African Manatee!

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Shallow saltwater and freshwater areas, such as oceans, coasts, bays, and estuaries


Up to approx. 4-5m. Average weight of approx. 600kg


Seaweed, waterweed, seagrass


West and Central Africa, Senegal and Angola


West African Manatee

Scientific Name: Trichechus senegalensis

Common Name: West African Manatee

  • Manatees are experts at holding their breath! They are mammals that breathe with their lungs, and usually only come to the surface once every 7 to 8 minutes for air. 
  • Under a herbivore diet, Manatees chew with their set of strong molars.


Did you know?

  • The manatee's tail is said to resemble a mermaid's tail in the water!
  • Manatees have mammary glands in the armpit region of their flippers, that they use to nurse their young.
  • Their daily feeding amount is approximately 20 kg per Manatee. The monthly cost of food alone can reach 3 million KRW!

Endangered Species

IUCN Status: Vulnerable

West African Manatees are classified as vulnerable due to illegal hunting practices for their meat, skin, bones and oil that are used in traditional medicine and rituals. Deforestation in wetlands due to agricultural development and the impacts of climate change also contribute to the threat Manatees face.

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